Functionalities proposed by Simple CRM for Call Centers

CRM online software began to slowly replace software dedicated only to Call Center.  This is possible thanks to new online CRM software.  It’s a logical software evolution from managing a commercial activity to managing hundreds of telemarketers.

We are going to study 2 important aspects in choosing online CRM software for call centers, meaning: the dialog between the CRM and your phoning equipment and managing a phoning campaign (creation, automatic phone call planning, follow-up, client reporting).

CRM and phone systems - PABX, VOIP, etc. 

Many CRM software pretend dialogue with phone systems but few can really adapt to this complex business environment, the call centers.

The main reason is the fact that call centers use divers and different phone systems. For example a call center can have a PABX for the national calls and a VOIP one for the international ones. Classical CRMs dialogue with only one of those systems.

Fortunately there is a French CRM solution that brilliantly solves this problem, this software is Simple CRM.

Simple CRM has 2 buttons for launching phone calls and therefore the user can assign each one according to his necessities, one directly for PABX and the other via a soft phone to VOIP.

The user can set his wanted default tags, from the admin interface and he can replace it with:
  • Callto:
  • calltoSip:
  • IM:
  • Sip:
  • Sips:
  • Skype:
  • Tel:
  • Xlite:
  • Zoiper:
  • Or any other protocol specific to your phone configuration

And so, Simple CRM adapts easily and efficiently to the client’s demand.

Another unique feature of Simple CRM is the possibility of SMS sending in Arabic or Cyrillic letters.

Call Center phoning campaign project 

Generally, a call center phoning campaign has the following steps:
  • Importing phone calls list
  • Script creation
  • Phoning campaign planning
  • Calls charge allocation to staff
  • Campaign supervision and script improvement
  • Client report

Simple CRM succeeds to this mission thanks to his tourism call centers experience and it offers to his clients the possibility to live follow up of the campaign from a dedicated extranet, as a plus.

Simple CRM can equally allocate directly to stuff the calls charge based on campaign working days.

The campaign project manager can modify this charge if better considers.

Pricing for call centers CRM

Because the only viable solution is Simple CRM, we will present its price scale:15 USD /user/month = 950 rupees /user/month.

Conclusion: Simple CRM is the most adequate CRM solution for call centers but it’s also 6 times cheaper.

For more information go to: 15 USD /user/month (950 rupees)

More info: http://simple-crm-online.com


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